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Document Tips for Short Sales  7.24.2012

Does real estate excise tax apply to LLC controlling interest transfers? 3.12.2013

Charges and Assessments Due after Closing 3.19.2013

Community Property and the Lack of Probate Affidavit 5.14.2013

Escrow Tips for a Trouble Free Closing  11.12.2012

Estate Planning for 2013 3.5.2013

Home Retention or Liquidation Hardships  9.25.2012

How Do You Evict a Tenant?  7.17.12

Impact of 3.8% Tax on Investment Income on Real Estate Transactions 4.16.2013

Impact of Fiscal Cliff Legislation on Real Estate  2.12.2013

Is it Important for you to have an Estate Plan?  8.7.2012

Landlord’s Express Warranty of Habitability 6.25.2013

Lead Based Paint Rule for Renovations – The Property Manager’s Compliance Obligation 4.9.2013

Lender Lack of Authority to Enter Premises and What the Seller and Listing Agent Can do to Prevent such Entry 5.7.2013

Loan Modification Process  11.26.2012

Major Changes in Fannie & Freddie Short Sale Regulations Effective Nov 1, 2012   8.28.2012

New Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Regulations  2.19.2013

NWMLS Form 17   5.21.2013

Power of Attorney   9.18.2013

Round Table Closing vs. Escrow State Closing 2.26.2013

Short Sale Criteria – Do You Qualify?  6.4.2013

What is a Last Will and Testament?  10.16.2012

Tenant Rights Post-Foreclosure 3.26.2013

Washington Private Transfer Fee Obligation Act 7.9.2013

Washington State Foreclosure Fairness Act Foreclosure Mediation (RCW 61.24) 4.2.2013

What is a Quitclaim Deed?  4.30.2013

What to Do When Things Are Left Behind  8.14.2013

What Type of Deed is Best For Your Transaction?  11.19.2012

When Files Get Declined Due to No Activity or Lack of Required Documentation  7.31.2012

New!   When is a Property Owner Within the City of Seattle Required to Provide Tenant Relocation Assistance? 7.16.2013


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